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You only get one chance for a first impression, so your logo design is extremely important. It is the face of your business and should effectively tell your brand story. It’s not as easy as it may seem. In fact, the logo design process requires thinking, artistic inputs and planning.

Yet, in this age of DIY everything, I felt it best to give you a set of guidelines just in case you’ve considered taking the plunge. You may create 200 or so designs before you find THE one that incorporates all 5 of the following tips.

1. Make It Simple

A logo should be able to stand alone and be recognizable. It will be used on buildings, packaging, brochures, billboards, delivery vehicles and anything else that carries the company name. This is not the place for intricate illustrations or captions…just an emblem. Keep removing things until the design is simple and clear. Think Nike.

2. Make It Appeal To Different Audiences

A logo should be dynamic and adaptable, come across as approachable and relatable, and tell a story that resonates with many audience groups. Think Coca-Cola.

3. Make It Versatile

A logo should look great on a poster, t-shirt, and coffee mug. Will it work in black and white? How about just one color? Don’t get caught up in the color. Think Starbucks.

4. Make It Unique

A logo can resemble something but rarely a copy of it. An apple is an apple, but an Apple is a Mac. Think Apple.

5. Make It Tell Your Story

A logo should be more than a piece of artwork, but more like a memorable experience. Communicate the breadth of your company’s service. Think FedEx.

Image by Alice Achterhof