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Tips For Choosing A Memorable Domain Name

Choosing a domain name can be overwhelming, I know! Over the years I've helped friends and clients with their online presence and similar to choosing a company name, this is one of the most important steps in building a successful business. Your domain name is your...

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I'm Christi Vander Voort

I'm Christi Vander Voort

With a Journalism and Mass Communications degree from Iowa State University, I learned the ropes of the advertising world working in two ad agencies, a printing company and the ethanol industry as the Iowa E85 Coordinator for the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition.

Since my corporate days, I’ve helped individuals launch their own businesses, revitalized tired corporate brands and created social media strategies for start-ups and established organizations.

As a former adjunct professor in advertising/marketing and guest lecturer at Northwestern College, I’ve learned to teach what I do, which is much harder than you might think!

My passion is to help people embrace their big, wild dreams, start something new and tell stories that make people lean in. If this sounds like you, then let’s definitely talk!

If I’m not working with my clients or creating content, you can find me baking homemade honey whole wheat bread, catching up with my kids who live all over the country, experiencing the joys of being a first-time grandma, writing about my family or spending time with my man. He travels quite a bit as a regional sales manager in the Animal Health industry so I do have time on my hands now that all of our children are out of the nest. Occasionally I tag along and get to stay in beautiful hotels, visit states I wouldn’t ordinarily see and eat meals that foodies blog about. It’s a new stage for me – and I’m loving it.

I  share this ONE life I’ve been given with my fourth-grade sweetheart and husband, Jeff, our four children, two dogs and a beautiful gray kitten in a house on 11th Street.


christi vander voort


INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK @christivandervoort