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Deeper Path


deeper path | christi vander voortTHE DEEPER PATH COHORT

The two most important days of your life are: 

  1. the day you were born
  2. the day you discovered why

If you’ve lost your way, maybe it’s because you’ve lost your why? 

If you’ve ever wondered if you can actually discover your purpose? The answer is… YES!

Anyone can become a master in the art of living, if they follow the right process. The Deeper Path helps you discover the clarity, competence, and confidence you crave.

Christi Vander Voort is certified to teach and train on this unique and cutting edge coaching model and will help you move through your Pain to your Potential, write your OPUS and strenthen your CORE (more on this further down the page). This is not therapy but a strategic group coaching that leads into transformational thinking and action.

Christi’s Story

For years I struggled with deep pain

At an early age I began to feel alone in the world, unloved and forgotten. Maybe it was ‘Middle Child Syndrome’, but what I did to cope put me on a path of fear, overwhelm and negative beliefs. I felt like an orphan and outcast, and would do anything to try to get people to like me which led me to make unhealthy choices.

My life changed that day in my kitchen

I made it into my 30’s as an imposter. With four small children and a husband who worked hard to provide a beautiful home, I looked like I had everything. But inside my head and in the depths of my heart, I was sliding into a dark place.  And on a day when my husband was travelling overnight for work, I fell to my knees and cried out to God to show me a way out of my hopelessness. HE DID NOT DISAPPOINT!  Through powerful words spoken into my heart and the process of replacing lies that I believed about myself with truth, the burden was lifted and THAT shifted my entire life.

I’ve learned that ignoring and numbing my pain kept me from my potential. But by doing the hard work of sorting through the lies and issues that threatened to overwhelm me, I overcame a life of chronic pain and disappoinment. And in the process, I discovered my purpose…to walk alongside others and help them out of the pit.

Don’t go thru another day without knowing your purpose

The majority of people invest more time designing a 2-week vacation, than designing their entire lives. But without a plan, we coast through life, feeling lost and directionless. The result? Most of us simply go through the motions. We’re dead….we just haven’t made it official. It’s easy to ignore these costs. But according to Swiss Psychologist, Carl Jung:

“The most damaging thing in the life of child, is the unlived life of the parent.”

Your perspective matters because you don’t see things the way they are, but the way you are. If you feel defeated, discouraged, and disengaged…the world reflects a similar image right back at you. And although you were meant for more, the world isn’t going to hand you your purpose on a silver platter. It’s your responsibility to become a master in the art of living.

The Deeper Path Cohort is a step-by-step process to make this desire your reality.

The Deeper Path

During the Deeper Path Cohort you will complete the following steps, write your OPUS and strengthen your CORE as you clarify your SIX PACK.

Step 1 – Question Your Condition

Step 2 – Unmask Your Painkillers

Step 3 – Explore Your Wound

Step 4 – Overcome Your Excuses

Step 5 – Embody Your Healing


During the Deeper Path Cohort you will be equipped to you to write your OPUS.

O = Overarching Vision

P = Purpose

U = Unifying Strategies

S = Scorecard for Significance

Utilizing a powerful model developed by author Kary Oberbrunner and his coach Chet Scott – I will lead you through a clear process that will equip you to author your OPUS and strengthen your CORE.

OPUS? It’s the Latin word for “work.” It means “masterpiece.” I believe our lives can and should be our Magnum Opus (our “greatest work”). See what I mean:

A master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between his work and his play; his labor and his leisure; his mind and his body; his education and his recreation. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence through whatever he is doing, and leaves others to determine whether he is working or playing. To himself, he always appears to be doing both. –  L.P. Jacks

There is another Latin word for work. It’s the word “LABOR” and it means “toil.”

Sadly, more than 7 out of 10 people are toiling in their jobs. They are laborers (some poorly paid, some highly paid). According to the Gallup Management Journal:

  • 55% of workers are disengaged in their jobs.
  • 16% of workers are actively disengaged in their jobs*.

These people are turning up but they have “checked out” of their jobs…and many times they’ve “checked out” of their lives.

Thankfully, 3 out of 10 people (29%) are engaged. Their secret is that they know their OPUS and live out their OPUS.

Strengthen your CORE

During the Deeper Path Cohort you will be equipped to strengthen your CORE  by clarifying your SIX PACK.

  • ONE: Worldview = What do I believe?
  • TWO: Identity = Who am I?
  • THREE: Principles = What do I value?
  • FOUR: Passion = Who / What do I love?
  • FIVE: Purpose = Why I live and work?
  • SIX: Process = How do I do it?


  • 10 Group Coaching Hours
  • 1 Deeper Path Workbook (I provide)
  • 1 personal OPUS (You author with my facilitation)
  • 1 personal CORE 6 Pack (You author with my facilitation)
  • 1 Soul on Fire Worksheet (You complete)
  • Lifetime exclusive access to a thriving online community where you will meet other like-minded people


Bonus 01: World of Writing Seminar

  • A private 3 hour seminar about writing and publishing
  • Tips. Strategies. Tactics.
  • What to look for & What to avoid
  • Lecture. Discussion. Trends.

Bonus 02: E-Book Publishing System

  • Step-by-step system to publish and sell your ebook on
  • Leverage benefits from selling your book thru the largest online retailer.
  • Publish it the right way the first time.
  • Amplify your message. Build your platform. Grow your tribe.

Bonus 03: Deeper Path Conference (recordings)

  • Front row seat to where it all began
  • Lifetime access to all video sessions
  • Interactive experience
  • Multiple speakers with multiple perspectives

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