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Dream Job Bootcamp


dream job | christi vander voortINTRODUCING DREAM JOB BOOTCAMP™

The purpose is simple: Jailbreak your job and turn your passion into your full-time gig.

Dream Job Bootcamp is about customizing your business plan / dream job plan and preparing you and your plan for implementation.

Christi Vander Voort is certified to teach and train on this unique and cutting edge coaching model so you can make your vision a reality. This is not a get-rich-quick solution but a strategic group coaching that leads into transformational thinking and action. Throughout the program, you will not only develop your plan but you will be shaped into the person you need to become to make the plan happen.

DREAM JOB BOOTCAMP is for you if you…

  • Want to go from your day job to dream job.
  • Desire a step-by-step process that’s both efficient and effective.
  • Don’t want to waste time and money making costly mistakes.
  • Would benefit from being connected to a coach and community dedicated to your personal and professional success.
  • Need the clearest, most direct path that’s also designed for busy people without much margin in their lives.


  1. Design your Story – Discover how to position your unique story in the marketplace.

  2. Design your Space – Clarify the experience you’ll create for your customers.

  3. Design your Service – Determine your service style and align it with your personal brand.

  4. Create your Platform – If you want to be heard, you must be seen

  5. Create your Product – Products increase influence, impact, and income

  6. Create your Promotion – How to prepare for your clients before you get them.

  7. Maintain your Community – Every dream needs a team; How to find fans, freelancers, friends, and funders.

  8. Maintain your Clarity – Complexity kills clarity; How to maintain simplicity in your business model.

  9. Maintain your Credibility – Establish credibility and instill confidence in your clients.

  10. Zihuatanejo – A place with no memory.


Although it’s easy to turn a blind eye, statistics prove it’s often a life and death situation for many:

  • STRESS = 70% of workers experience stress-related illnesses.
  • BURN-OUT = 34% think they will burn out on the job in the next two years.
  • HEART ATTACKS = 33 percent increase in heart attacks on Monday mornings.
  • INJURY = Entrepreneur magazine adds that there is a 25 percent increase in work-related injuries on Mondays.
  • DEATH = More people die at nine o’clock Monday morning than at any other time of day or any other day of the week.
  • SUICIDE = Male suicides are highest on Sunday nights, with men realizing that their careers—and possibly their finances as well—are not where they want them.

* Research from 48 Days to the Work You Love by Dan Miller.


  • 10 video modules
  • 5 recorded coaching calls
  • a 300+ page guidebook
  • lifetime access to an exclusive online community of like-minded people


Bonus 01: Igniting Souls Manifesto;

  • Stop sabotaging your own success
  • Time to get unlocked and unstuck
  • You’ll never outperform your own self-image
  • Convert your courage into action

Bonus 02: E-Book Publishing System;

  • Step-by-step system to publish and sell your ebook on
  • Leverage benefits from selling your book thru the largest online retailer.
  • Publish it the right way the first time.
  • Amplify your message. Build your platform. Grow your tribe.

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