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Donna Durham, Founder of Weighting Comforts, had been making weighted blankets at her kitchen table, selling them on Facebook, and using her garage as a packaging center and “warehouse.” She came to us needing a logo and a marketing plan.

At Christi & Co., we designed the signature logo and packaging materials with Weighting Comfort’s target market in mind  – women ranging from 35-55 years of age dealing with insomnia, anxiety and menopause. Marketing efforts were concentrated on building their Facebook business page with ads, video, and consistent content.

The story: Compassion and hope for better sleep and a quiet mind



  • Logo Design
  • Letterhead, Business Cards, Note Cards
  • Packaging Design
  • Tradeshow banners, brochures & signage
  • Office space graphics
  • Facebook Ads & Social media management
  • Consulting with Marketing

Tools: Photoshop, Indesign, Shopify, Planoly, Vista Print, Facebook, Instagram

Suzanne wanted to pivot her custom skirt company from selling at skirt parties to the online marketplace. She needed a rebrand, website, constant social media presence, advertising and a good story to tell.

By pairing authentic messaging with exceptional visuals, both hi-res photos and quality video, in just 9 months, Sevier Skirts grew over 267% on Instagram and 135% on Facebook with increasing customer engagement. Coupled with Influencer marketing, Facbook ads, and a growing email list, inbound traffic to the website increased over 127% with sales goals each month met or exceeded. Plus, over 70% of new cutomers placed a second order within 45 days.

Fast forward twelve months and Suzanne is pitching to sell Sevier Skirts and her #madetofit skirts for professional women to established players in the men’s bespoke market.

The story: Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes – skirts designed to fit you everywhere.



  • Logo & Identity Package
  • Photography
  • Packaging
  • brand story
  • website
  • creative direction
  • email marketing
  • facebook & adwords
  • social media management

Tools: photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, planoly, myemma,  shopify, Moo Printing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Adwords

Niccie is an author, life and business coach, and speaker who helps people partner with God, clarify their divine purpose and tap into all the Trinity offers.

With one book published and the second at the editor, Niccie reached out for a new design for her 4-book Legacy series. 

The story: Living Within the Sweet Spot



  • Book Series Cover Design
  • Photography

Tools: Photoshop, Indesign

Entegro Health approached us with a desire for a fresher, on-target brand design and message. With the supplement market exploding with new products almost daily, the Entegro team knew they needed to have a clear message for their living, liquid probiotic – flourish.

With new products on the horizon, we updated their brand and gave them materials that allowed them and their consultants to show up at health fairs, professional conferences, and mom gatherings to offer hope and healing to people who had done their research and knew that medicine is not the only answer to healing.

The story: Good health begins in the gut



  • Business Cards & Notecards
  • Tradeshow banners & brochures
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Brand Story Development
  • Welcome Box Design
  • Pitch Deck For Consultant Recruiting Guide
  • Business Manual To Establish protocal
  • Label Design
  • New Website Consulting (coming soon)

Tools: Photoshop, Indesign, Packlane, Vista Print, Moo Printing

While visiting the 9/11 Memorial in New York City, Donna was struck by the story of the Survivor Tree and its meaning took root in her heart. Once back in Nashville, she approached us to create a logo for her therapy business to acknowledge the tragedy of loss, convey the hope of healing, and the assurance that there is still life to be lived.

We created her “Survivor Tree” and a website that offers hope.

The story: A safe place to heal and grow



  • Logo Design
  • Business Cards & Notecards
  • Website

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, WordPress, Vista Print

In the heart of South Dakota where grain farms boast bumper crops that feed the world and cattle graze the native prairie, a hunter’s paradise can be found. Wild pheasants…by the thousands.

The Jorgensens wanted to capitalize on the third “crop” on their land so they built a hunting lodge to house the hunters they would soon invite. They needed a logo that matched their well-know Angus herd and a website to showcase the South Dakota pheasant hunting experience.

The story: Wild bird numbers that must be seen to be believed – a true hunter’s paradise.



  • Logo Design
  • Brochure
  • Website & copywriting
  • Lodge Signage
  • Brand Story

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, WordPress, Vista Print

At the crossroads of Highway 60 & K-64, one of Iowa’s top-rated pizza restaurants can be found.  People travel from miles around to wait for a seat to enjoy the savory goodness of authentic Neopolitan-style pizza. Classic flavors and new recipes come piping hot to your table after just 90 seconds in the imported wood-fired oven.

The business had grown enough to expand seating and with that the owners wanted to refresh their logo and website as well. We took the meaning of their name, “up in smoke” and gave it a modern feel which easily translated to wait staff t-shirts, business cards, menus and etched beer glasses.

The story: The freshest pizza around in just 90 seconds. Come for the pizza, stay for the experience.



  • Logo Design
  • Website (coming soon)

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, WordPress, Vista Print, Custom Ink

Kristen Marie had a idea tangled up inside her mind’s eye and needed some help unraveling it. Through some processing, phone calls and clarity exercises, a ministry was born!

Choose Life & Be Free is more than an eating program, it’s a way to find freedom and take back territory in your life.

Kristen saw a tree with roots going deep as a symbol for her ministry along with a cross, and was certain we needed to incorporate bright colors. Her logo came together beautifully with very few revisions!

The story: Choose Life. Find Freedom. Take Territory


Choose Life Ministries

  • Consulting
  • Logo Design
  • Course Workbook

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign



from our clients

Working with Christi is like working with a seasoned curator. One of my very favorite parts of working with her is sharing all of my thoughts and ideas and sitting back to watch as she selects words and images that create intentional marketing artistry. (She is also super fun and funny)

Christi offers experienced perspective and undeniable beauty in every aspect of her work. She is kind and honest as she leads her customers to the very best representations of their brand.

  • She helped me by believing in me and encouraging me to grow.
  • She helped me hone my vision into logo, website, and marketing materials that clearly articulates the heart of my business.
  • She helped my business by creating branding that communicates the Weighting Comforts message.

 I gained a collaborator, a team mate, and a clearly defined brand. Christi comes along side and creatively partners with your business to make real impact in the crowded market place.

Donna Durham

Founder & CEO, Weighting Comforts

Working with Christi on Tulip Festival Marketing materials yielded one of our best marketing pieces, a guidebook for our traditional costumes. The booklet and photography have become a high-quality resource for other marketing materials for the Festival. Christi’s work and leadership on this project was instrumental in creating a product that continues to provide value for the Festival even after completion.

Mike Hofman

Executive Director, Orange City Chamber of Commerce

We first commissioned Christi to create custom, original artwork for a printed marketing campaign.  With us having several design elements we wanted included, Christi was able to translate our rough ideas into fruition with ease and few edits.  She is adept at listening to our wants and needs and rendering those into professional looking creations.  It is often that we receive complements from our field on the pieces that Christi has created!  Christi brings a wealth of experience, both personally and professionally, enthusiasm, and a kind heart to the table; she is a true joy to work with!  Liking her artistic/design style and insight, we have gone on to produce many more pieces with Christi, as well as consult with her on a myriad of projects beyond printed marketing creation, such as website improvement, social media strategy, and other marketing plans and platforms.  I whole heartedly recommend Christi for your graphic design and marketing needs!

Dr. Jerod H. Work, PharmD

Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer, entegro health

We have been doing business with Christi & Co. for about three years now. She put vision on what we were trying to portray with grace and precision. Christi has the ability to listen to a million ideas and turn them into exactly what you want. She is professional, intentional, organized, and so easy to work with! That is why Christi & CO. wins… Period!

Shannon Slemp

Sfumato Pizzeria

It’s very difficult to get noticed in a busy world with thousands of messages coming at us each day. Christi listens, asks questions, does research, and comes up with original ideas. She understands people and what motivates them.

Bill Kepp

Northwest Realty

I truly couldn’t have done it without Christi! I mean it!! And, it’s not because I didn’t know how to take an idea to market.

As a matter of fact, I was awarded the Tulsa Entrepreneur of the Year Award a few years ago by the Mayor and top business leaders in Tulsa and the surrounding areas. I entered the business competition, competing against more than 100 other small businesses, and I won 1st place for the service/product I was offering.  

So, why did I need Christi’s help? This time it was more complicated. There was more at stake. This time I was choosing to move forward with more intentionality. It was more than creating a product; I needed help launching my destiny. This time I was connecting with my purpose and beginning to script my legacy.

I first met Christi via a telephone chat and by the end of our conversation she earned my trust and respect. She helped me process and connect with not just the product/service that I wanted to offer to others, but she helped me focus, clarify and articulate my purpose and stay on the path for my legacy.

When I talked about Christi to my friends and family, I would often refer to her as ‘Heaven-sent Doula’ because she helped labor and birth dreams and desires in me, that I struggled to organize and express.

My love and appreciation for Christi runs deep. She is more than a business Coach and Mentor. I consider her a teammate and lifelong friend. I highly recommend her!  God blessed her with a special set of skills and talents and she can help launch anyone towards their destiny and connect with the bigger Story.

Kristen Marie

Choose Life Ministries